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Metal Fabrication, Hot Forming & Rolling of Titanium Inner Fan Ducts for a Commercial Aviation Application

Columbia Manufacturing, Inc. manufactured these titanium inner fan ducts designed for use in a commercial aviation application. Working from the customer supplied 2D CAD files, our designers developed the 3D models required for manufacturing. The duct is composed of AMS4911 titanium, and varied in thicknesses from .029" to .109", with overall dimensions of 24.000" in width, and 16.000" in height.

Fabrication consisted of hot forming and hot rolling, CNC milling, and punching. Once the components were formed, we welded them using an atmosphere controlled TIG welding technique. Next, the fan duct was solution heat treated and stress relived, with the finished part showcasing a cleaned finish. Tolerances of ±.002" were met throughout the manufacturing process; in addition each part received metagraphic examination to verify the integrity of the part. To learn more about this project, or about our other precision machining and forming capabilities, contact us directly.

  Hot Forming of Aviation Inner Fan Duct
Hot Forming of Aviation Inner Fan Duct

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Highlights of this Hot Formed Titanium Manufacturing Project

Product Description These inner fan ducts are used within a commercial flight application.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
CAD Design
  • Generate 3D CAD Model based off of Client Supplied 2D Print
Hot Forming
Hot Rolling
Atmosphere Controlled TIG Welding
CNC Milling CNC Punch Press
Solution Heat Treatment
Stress Relieving
Overall Part Dimensions
Height: 16.000"
Width: 24.000"
Material Thickness: .029"-.109"
Tightest Tolerances ±.002"
Material Used Titanium-AMS4911
Material Finish Cleaned
In process testing/inspection performed Metagraphic Examination
Industry for Use Aerospace/Commercial Flight
Delivery Location Ohio
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name Inner Fan Duct

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